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Privacy Policy

It’s better to read before using our website.

A privacy policy is a statement or a legal document (in privacy law) that discloses some or all of the ways a party gathers, uses, discloses, and manages a customer or client's data. Personal information-not limited- can be your name, address, occupation, and date of birth, nationality, religion, medical and financial record.

All of the above-mentioned information is of great interest not only from our perspective but also from the perspective of a client(s). Any illegal use of the above information can create a serious issue(s), and there we (Printwin, us) clearly define our privacy policy for our users/clients to avoid bad consequences. We look forward to providing a free safe zone to our clients where they can feel free to share their personal as well as financial information and enjoy our services with confidence.

Additionally, It’s very important for us to keep secure our clients’ data and not to use it without the consent or will of the user/client. So it’s your responsibility to read our Privacy policy carefully and understand it clearly before getting our (Printwin, us) products and services. If you do not agree to our privacy policy, you have the right to stop using our products and services.

Company information

Name: Printwin
Website: www.printwin.co.uk/show
Office Address/location: Vision House 104 Nechells Place, Birmingham, B7 5AB
Cell: 0121 359 6840Email: info@printwin.co.uk

To know the flavor and taste of clients’ choices, we need to ensure the quality, quantity and the behavioral effects of our products and services in order to make it less costly, more reliable and environment-friendly.

You can read the following outlines clearly defining our privacy policy and it tells how we store, secure, use and share the information you provide us. It explains briefly about the Change, modification, and deletion of your data by you or the company when it’s necessary. It is to be noted that our privacy policy applies to the information provided for our products and services and not on the information you provide to any third party.


  • Information that we need from our clients( you)
  • Information you provide us
  • Clients access and control over Personal information
  • Security
  • Notification about new changes in our policy
  • Use of data/information
  • Your consent
  • Our commitment

Information we need:

For making our products and services more reliable and user-friendly, We gather data/information in two ways i.e. directly from our clients and indirectly from our client’s browser and system. Moreover, it includes your brand choice, order and delivery date and time. We may need your credit card and ID card information when you shop and willing to pay online.

The information you provide us:

we may need the following information to collect and store from you when you browse our website;

  • Information at the time of sign up/ account registration
  • Information related to your online purchase/placement of order.
  • It also includes Billing and delivery addresses, product selections, order number.
  • When searching for a product on our website.
Note: Financial information related to a credit card is stored and maintained according to the payment policy of Printwin (us). Please read our payment policy.

Access and control over your Personal Information:

All of the data of our clients is stored with us and If you want or need any change, modification or deletion of your personal data then you can easily update, change or delete it. You are the owner of your data and you have the right to allow or stop us from using this data.


Although security over the internet is a big threat to websites and its services all over the world, we have taken it seriously and implemented the most secure mechanism to protect and secure our website (Printwin) and our client’s data. However total security or 100% security can neither be promised nor be guaranteed due to the availability of advanced hacking and breaching tools in the market.

Preventing unauthorized access to our client’s data is our first priority and there we strongly suggest our users keep secure your passwords, pin and confidential information over the internet. If you are not using your personal device then clean your surfing history, sign out from all websites when your job is done and never use ‘save Password’ option unless it’s your own device. Together we can protect and secure ourselves.

Notification about new changes in our policy:

Whenever we need to change or add a new clause to our privacy policy, you will be informed instantly in the form of email, call or a message on your contact number. For the only purpose to provide our product and services as smooth and easy as possible to our clients (you). You can also send us your feedback and queries through email and call.

Email: info@printwin.co.uk

Call: 0121 359 6840

Use of data/information:

We may use your information for the following purposes:

  • For the very purposes you provide it;
  • To fulfill your requests such as product selection, order placement, and shipping of the product(s).
  • For processing your transaction.
  • To send you important tweets with your consent.
  • To notify you about your purchase made and billing.
  • To process and respond to your queries.
  • To keep you informed about our new and upcoming products and services.
  • For our research purpose to improve or introduce new features and services.
  • To enforce legal terms and conditions under which you use or get our services and products.
  • To maintain and ensure security and confidentiality.

Your consent:

Printwin does not use your information without your permission and when you submit your information to us, you permit us to use your information according to the privacy policy of our (Printwin, us) website. If our privacy policy needed changes regarding client’s information, it will be updated here so that you know how we use your information.

Our commitment

Our identity and success come from our clients and from our passion for our work. The more ambitious we are, the more we expand. We grow when our clients get happy with our services. One of our core objectives is providing security to our client’s data and confidentiality. We assure you that you are safe here and we will take every necessary step to ensure your trust on us because We earn respect when you get our product and service. If you need any assistance, we welcome you 24/7.

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